Thursday, April 7, 2011

my soul is empty :'(

is right that I have a happy family ... I have a loving and faithful lover ... I had fun that make me happy ... My parents always fulfill all my wishes if they can ... My lover always love me no matter what happen ... I also have bestfrend who thinkng about me , care about me , always be with me n always make me laugh ...Whether it is perfect enough for a people like me ?? I think it is to perfect for girl like me ... but  everythng is just fun in the outside of my heart ... honestly what I want is the life of dis world ...I always feel lonely no one can undestand what I feel ... it is like I was screaming but did not one care about me ... every nite before I sleep I'll be crying one know what I feel ...I feel like want to see my late grandmom ... only she who understand me ... if my late grandmom still here with me I would never feel lonely n sad ... I'm really need her in my life ...

p/s : My soul is empty n I really need my late grandmom ...she is everyrthng to me.. :'(