Tuesday, April 19, 2011

none !

I'm sorry that your EX hurt you so much
I'm sorry that she broke your heart
I'm sorry that your EX cheated on you
And tore your family apart!

I'm sorry that she shattered your dreams
And crushed your soul
I'm sorry that you feel so much pain
And that I was not enough to take that away
I'm sorry for the mistrust that you have
And the crater your EX left in your soul
That you won't let me fill.


And now I am really sorry:

For the goodness I have in me
That you cannot see
For the love I have to give you
That you cannot let yourself feel

I am really sorry:

For the kindness I express to you
That you take for granted
Or the hugs I give you
(just to show you that I cared)
That you couldn't bring yourself to embrace

I am sorry for:

The caring words I spoke to you
That you refused to hear
(They were important
And I meant every word)

Now I am deeply sorry:

For the moments we cannot enjoy
For the laughter we cannot hear
For the love we cannot feel
The hugs we cannot embrace
And the kindness we cannot share

But most importantly:

I am NOT sorry for being NOTHING like your EX!!!!