Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hey Haters ! Go to hell ....

i love when people hate on me
they don't know that everything they do to me would come back around to them
its called Karma and when it hits them its going to hit them hard and then they is going to need me
when they talk about me and starts rumors about me i just laugh and say if you don't like me why the fuck your talking about me
i tell it like it is and don't care how they feel about it
Both girls and guys hate on me but i don't give a flying fuck as long as they don't put their hands on me
i got in penty of fights with haters because either their girls was feeling me or their boys was feeling me
i laugh at my haters and say you can hate me or love me just don't touch me
so to all my haters you can go to hell and burn because ur on my shit list
once you get on my bad side your not coming back to my good
and you might wanna watch your back because i might beat your ass if i catch you slipping
damn don't you have anything better to do with your life
my last words to my haters is you all can kiss my ass and burn in hell Evil or Very Mad

*to all my haters one day you is going to need me but instead of help Iam going to give you a boot to the face and say remember you use to talk about me now you got the balls to walk up to me and ask for help bitch kick rocks and get the fuck out my face